Moments: From The Book Of Life

By Harvey J. Sullivan
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Life is full of moments. There are often many things that compete for our attention, which can cause things to slip away unnoticed. At times, we need to be intentional about recognizing the beauty of the moment. Moments happen all the time. Moments: From the Book of Life inspires and motivates you to pause, to dream, to capture and enjoy these precious moments – making it a habit to do so every single day.

About the Author

Harvey J. Sullivan was raised with the mindset to 'appreciate what you have.' Over the years, he has realized that life is not about materialistic things, but rather, the most important thing we have is time. Sullivan often contemplates how to make time last, or how to make the most of the time he’s given. He is inspired by the beauty around him – a sunrise or sunset, the chorus sung by birds every morning, quiet times shared together with loved ones, and all of life’s simple pleasures.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 40