Molly The Multitasker

By Rhonda Hartung
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About the Book

Molly the Multitasker has it all: with her long, golden hair and many special talents, she seems to be absolutely perfect. However, what people don’t understand about Molly is that despite all of the wonderful things about her, she doesn’t make friends easily and is very lonely. No one is perfect, we are all special in our own unique ways, and we all need friends. Molly the Multitasker promotes inclusion, discourages bullying, and encourages shy children to take a risk and make a new friend.

About the Author

Rhonda Hartung has been a registered nurse for over twenty years with a master’s degree in Health Law from Loyola University School of Law in Chicago. She is a mother of two, a freelance writer, and a healthcare, women’s, and children’s advocate.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30