Modern Fables: The Development Of Emotional Intelligence, Vocabulary, And Integrity In Children Through The Presentation Of Short Stories And Poetry

By C. Mangal
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Through short stories and poetry, Modern Fables explores the character milestones necessary to prepare children to navigate their worlds. By addressing family, emotion, integrity, differences, and more, this book is designed to provide children with the vocabulary essential to articulating their feelings and experiences. About the Author

About the Author

C. Mangal is a former Montessori educator and director of the public and private sector with nearly 20 years of experience working with children and families. She received her Montessori Teaching Credential and her BA in psychology in addition to her pending MS in psychology with an emphasis of life coaching. Modern Fables is the result of extensive in-depth conversations with her late husband on the examination of the way society molds the impressionable minds of children and where their paths are headed. C. Mangal can be reached at for speaking engagements, parent education courses, life coaching and more!

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Published: 2020
Page Count: 54

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Stephanie Mems
A Must Read!

Modern Fables is a refreshingly creative approach that takes children on an entertaining journey! This journey teaches them who they are, how to view and live in the world around them. This is all done through the reflection of experiences of the author as a child through short stories. Loved it!