Mistletoe The Kissable Moose

By Jayne Martin
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Illustrated by Elizabeth Powell

The littlest kindness can bring the most comfort. When a little toy moose finds himself in a bin with the broken toys, he wonders what could have possibly gone wrong. Being Christmas Eve, he and none of the other toys expect to find their “someone special” for Christmas Day. Suddenly, a van pulls up and he and the broken toys are taken to a repair center. There’s a wondrous Christmas surprise for the little moose…and his soon-to-be special someone.

Mistletoe the Kissable Moose is a heartwarming Christmas story that is sure to bring comfort and warm tidings to the whole family.

About the Author

Jayne L. Martin and her husband have been married for fifty-five years. Both of them graduated from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan. They then moved to Alaska where they started in Fairbanks and moved to Petersburg, Adak, Pitas Point, Amber, Palmer, Copper River, Shaktoolik, and Unalakleet. They were both teachers for thirty years.

Now, she and her husband reside in Washington. Martin is a member of the Kiwanis and, until recently, worked in an elementary program in reading. She finds reading to be of the most important parts of the educating the brain and loves reading and working with children.

About the Illustrator

Elizabeth Powell (ELPO) is a high school student in Surprise, Arizona. She has been in love with all things art since she was in preschool and has already sold several original paintings. She is also collaborating with other artists and is currently working on writing her own book. She spends her summers working in a small local art gallery and looks forward to a promising future.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 30