Mission Statement For Batterer Intervention Program Providers And Students

By Dr. Jennie DiBartolomeo
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Mission Statement for Batterer Intervention Program Providers and Students: A Workbook on Education Lessons and Exercises for Men Enrolled in a Batterer Intervention Program

Domestic violence crimes against women have become prevalent in today's society. These tragedies have always occurred and are now seeing the light of day in our time, open to the masses for scrutiny. In any case, whatever the historical account may be, we, as a people of conscience and morality, must not allow this adversity to carry on.

In her book, Dr. Jennie DiBartolomeo, as one of the most dedicated professionals in this field, helps the batterer to identify his abusive behaviors and provides the tools in which to face and battle his controlling thinking. This book presents an array of real-life scenarios and exercises tailored to tackle the batterer's concepts and beliefs that lead to verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, and non-fatal strangulation types of abuse. Mission Statement for Batterer Intervention Program Providers and Students is designed to help the batterer change his controlling thinking and abusive belief system.

About the Author

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Jennie DiBartolomeo pursued her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. She completed her master's degree in Individualized Education at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont; her CAGS in Reading and Language Education at Boston University; and her doctor of education at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Since 1994, she has been a provider of Batterer Intervention Programs in private practice in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 126