Missio Log 1-13: Code Name Masterpiece

By Sam Pate and Allison Rose
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About the Book

Mission Log 1-13: Code Name Masterpiece

A new-age spy novel that embraces and dispels the tropes of traditional espionage, Mission Log 1-13 brings classic action to a contemporary audience. Examining the society and sentiments behind the foil of the secret agent, this story plays with and against the expectations of the genre to press forward a modern message of diversity through the action and adrenaline-filled world of spies.

With well-paced espionage, an inventive near-future, and a tightly wound thread of emotional pragmatism, Code Name Masterpiece is a masterpiece in its own right: a lighter read with heart and earnest assurance that so-called flaws and weaknesses are what strength draws from.

About the Author

Sam and Allison met in high school, and very quickly bonded over their shared love of writing. It wasn't long before they had the idea of writing a novel together, and Mission Log 1-13 was born.

Both Sam and Allison have many interests that make their way into their work. Sam is regularly involved with all aspects of theatre, though she prefers acting to being backstage. Allison spends her time with visual art, using many different mediums and techniques. Being best friends for half a decade, Mission Log 1-13 is the product of not only their creativity but their friendship as well.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 106