Miss Olivia, The Little Red Poodle: Her First Big Adventure

By Tom Kaminski, Illustrated Lisa Fallon
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Follow the whimsical adventures of Miss Olivia, the little red poodle, as she takes a vacation with her family to Florida. Miss Olivia flies on an airplane and when she arrives, she falls in love with the warm weather and sunny skies. After playing fetch, exploring the grass, and swimming in a pond, Miss Olivia must go home to take a bubble bath! This entertaining book will surely put a smile on readers faces, young and old alike!

About the Author

Tom Kaminski is a practicing physician living in Warren, Ohio, with his wife Kathleen. They have two grown sons, Thomas and Andrew. Their toy poodle, Miss Olivia, served as the inspiration for Miss Olivia, the Little Red Poodle: Her First Big Adventure. ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR Lisa Fallon is an illustrator, painter, and commercial artist who lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband Mark and four children, Zachary, Jacob, Sam and Lexi.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 24