Miss Centipede: A Bug’S Tale Of Tolerance

By C.P. Wilson
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About the Book

When Spiderville is designated a Sanctuary City, Insect Elementary is in desperate need of more teachers to accommodate the sudden increase in the student body. Enter, Miss Centipede, and no matter how large the fourth grade grows, she handles the workload with ease. What is her secret?

About the Author

C.P. Wilson has lived in many states within the continental U.S. She’s lived in urban and suburban areas and knows the feeling of being the new kid in town and school. For many years, Wilson was a teacher and enjoyed instructing and working with children. CP is now a licensed realtor on the East End of Long Island, a career that allows her to work with people of all ethnicities, which she loves. Wilson now lives with her family, doggies, and kitties on a farmette in New York. She enjoys gardening, arts, and sports.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 32

Customer Reviews

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Kris Pace
Miss Centipede: A Bug's Tale of Tolerance.

Miss Centipede... is a delightful tale that will teach children tolerance, counting, and good manners. The language is simple and straightforward, so children just learning to read can follow along and understand. The illustrations are colorful and will also capture the children's interest. The drawings feature adults and children of many races and facial features. This subtle detail will add to the reader's delight, upon seeing characters who look like them or somebody they know. It is an entertaining story that will make readers laugh and enjoy reading. It has colorful illustrations, enthusiastic writing, and more important, it conveys a relevant message!

Victoria Germaise
Miss Centipede: A Bug’s Tale of Tolerance

Miss Centipede: A Bug’s Tale of Tolerance is a sweet and spirited story which looks at a child’s life in today’s world of rich diversity. With a wink and a knowing nod, the saga engages both children and parents alike and reinforces the importance of inclusion and acceptance of all our neighbors – regardless of their color or how many legs they have!