Miss America: The Most Beautiful Rat In The World

By Virginia Chamlee Cooper
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Tensions rise when Dan’s mom joins his Boy Scout Troop as a den mother, because, let’s face it, eight-year-old Dan just isn’t as excited about it as she is. After all, she already bosses him around at home; now she’s going to boss him—and his friends—around there, too?

Though she earns back some coolness points when she takes him to the pet store to adopt a pet for the Troop’s “Critter Race,” will they ever see eye-to-eye?Maybe! And it’s all thanks to his new pet rat and very best friend, Miss America!

About the Author

Virginia Chamlee Cooper is a professional artist. Her website is virginiachamleecooper.com. She and her husband have been married 58 years and have nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren. In California, she was a member of The Artist Guild of Santa Ynez Valley and served as Salon Chair for the monthly member meetings and taught private art classes. Now living in Prescott, Arizona, she is a volunteer with local schools, a member of Sharlot Hall Museum, where she has access to historical items and stories for her paintings, and is active in her neighborhood club activities. This story is based on her son’s pet rat, Miss America and her involvement as his Cub Scout den mother.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 40