Miranda's Appeasement

By Barbara Ann Allemeersch
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Reviewed by C.C. Thomas for the Pacific Book Review!


A pretty young woman, around eighteen, was abducted, beaten, raped, and left to die by four men. She miraculously survives the terrible ordeal physically. Years later, she becomes a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia, promoted to the criminal investigation division. Miranda was handed a case involving a child that was beaten beyond recognition, raped, and left to die. This case haunted Miranda of her own cruel fate years ago. Something in her mind suddenly snapped.

The past and the present suddenly collide. She appears to develop multiple personalities. Miranda once a victim, becomes the villain. She abducts and tortures three surrogates, replacing three of the four men that got away with the crime. She finds herself working on both sides of the law with the FBI agent that maybe has the answer to solve the past and present crimes. Just by a stroke of luck, the man that raped her comes back in her life. Now everyone plays the game under her terms.

About the Author

Barbara Ann Allemeersch (Duriancik) was born in the town of Rodney Ontario, on December 20, 1952. Worked as a Developmental Service Worker, medical Assistant for over thirty years with the Ministry of Community and Social Services. She enjoyed working with psychiatrists, psychologist to help make the lives of the mentally underdeveloped much easier. Since retired she felt compelled to write a story about an injustice that occurred to a young girl. This novel is a fictional depiction of a true story. It gave her a great satisfaction to complete this story and will not finish until it is published.



Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster in Miranda's Appeasement: If Your Heart is Not Content There is No Peace by Barbara Allemeersch. The author will, alternatively, have you sighing, smiling, yelling, screeching, crying, and stomping your feet by the end of the story. While it starts out as a nice pleasant ride, Allemeersch soon veers the story into dark and dangerous forays. Before correcting course to a hoped-for happy ending, the story will have readers feel pain and question their own sense of morality and ethics when watching the heartbreaking plot unfold. The story centers on Miranda, a beautiful and beloved 18-year-old who lives a dream life in southern Georgia. Picture the proverbial Georgia peach and you can understand Miranda. She is soft and sweet of heart and lovely to look at. However, it isn't long before readers get the sense this isn't a tale of a happy-go-lucky girl living the perfect life. Miranda is soon in a road rage incident gone very wrong. When a group of drunken boys blame her for some driving mishap, they decide to take the law into their own hands. So, they follow her, kidnap her, and subject her to horror and violence. How many of us have been the victim of road rage? While probably not the extreme outlined above. Most drivers have seen other drivers who simply need to be removed from the road. That's easy to understand. And, Allemeersch is very crafty with making the reader understand that taking the law into one's own hands is a dangerous slope. It's easy to be angry with the young men in the story and the reader will first feel that their brand of justice is wrong in so many ways. However, those feelings will likely change. Readers will be left wondering if ever taking the law into personal hands can be a right decision? If you like wrestling with moral decisions like this, you'll certainly have a lot to reflect upon within this story. Allemeersch has us follow Miranda, as she heals and moves on with her life. Miranda becomes a police officer in a nearby city, Atlanta, and focuses on helping others who have been traumatized and victimized. When Miranda is handed the case of a young girl, beaten and raped, she veers to the path of sane and orderly and the story takes a dark and disturbing turn. Miranda has a break with reality and decides to take the law into her own hands, with disastrous results for all involved. Allemeersch's Miranda's Appeasement will have you rooting for Miranda, and then shuddering when reading how violence truly destroys her happiness. When the emotional ride of the story is over, this book will leave readers with a lot to think about-moral and ethical questions that don't have black and white answers. This is a gripping, powerful book that will have you holding out hope until the very last page.

Dear Barbara, 

I recently purchased a copy of your book titled Miranda's Appeasement; and I have to say that not only could I not put the book down, but I read it in a day and I 

was so pleasantly surprised by the ending. Not what I had thought at all, and it made me cry. What a great story!! Loved it very much.

As it states on the cover, which is so profound " If your heart is not content , then there is no peace " 

Thank you 

Dianne Sleiman 

Windsor, ON 


I recently purchased a copy of Miranda's Appeasement. The book was excellently written and hard to put down. 

The author kept me in suspense with each turn of the page, and I found myself cheering for and heartbroken for the protagonist. An amazing read. 

Miranda's Appeasement was an amazing book!!! It kept you in suspense the whole time!!! I could not put the book down as I was always curious as to what would happen next!!! Excellent read and hoping for a sequel!!


Published: 2021
Page Count: 176