Miracles At 1240 Morton Street

By Janet Sunkett Robinson
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Have you ever wondered if God still performs miracles among us today? The life story of Janet Robinson and her family proves that He does in fact still work among us. Janet went through many trials and tribulations throughout her life, including the loss of two children. Despite these hardships, she found strength in her family and her service to God. All along the way she witnessed miracles in her own life that led her to a destiny and a greater faith than she could have ever imagined possible.

About the Author

Janet Sunkett Robinson is the founder of Gospel Light Ministries, a group affiliated with Robinson's church family at Gloucester County Community Church. The Robinson family spends much of their time serving God however they can, working in the Gospel Light Ministries to serve their local community and communities abroad, as far as Africa. But, The Robinson's spiritual outreach spreads even wider with the food bank community service, the Joy Melody Fund, and all manner of evangelism.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 108