Ministering Angels

By Ele
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About the Book

In this illustrated childrens story of Revelation, Ele tells of Gods Ministering Angels and how they are given their assignments to protect Gods chosen people. The angels first arrive for their class from the far reaches of heaven. There they are met by cherub tutors who assign each of the angels a portion of Earth where they are to bless and increase Earths food and cleanse the seas, rivers, and oceans as well as protect and strengthen the forest, returning Earth to its original state when it was created by God. Upon the successful completion of their mission, they return to heaven where they are rewarded by God, then join in the multitudes in celebrating and praising Gods mercy and love. Using age-appropriate language and illustrations, Eles story explains Revelation to children in a joyful manner they can understand without fear or judgment.

About the Author

A certified nurses assistant at the new Surf Side Nursing Home in Glen Cove, New York, Ele is a native of Georgetown, British Guyana. She is mother to five children: Timothy, David, Jesse, Joel, and Elizabeth.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 32