Middle-Class America: Downward Spiral Into Extinction

By Thomas Justin Bowes
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Middle-Class America: Downward Spiral into Extinction

Americas middle class is vanishing before our very eyes. No one knows this better than Thomas J. Bowes. As a native of a poor Philadelphia neighborhood, he bore witness toand participated inacts of drug-inspired foolishness, vandalism, violence, and despair that could only have been borne of his degrading middle-class environment. After enduring a childhood surrounded by drugs, crime and economic hardship, Bowes soon found his way into Philadelphias criminal underworld. He went on to experience escalating levels of crime and personal drug abuse that would almost lead to his demise.

Middle-Class America: Downward Spiral into Extinction takes you on a journey intoand out ofPhiladelphias drug-addled middle-class society. A story of drugs, crime, humor, love, despair and redemption, Middle-Class America illustrates, sometimes vulgarly and always candidly, the life of a boy who sought nothing more than escape the blue-collar circumstances into which life had thrust him. It is an amusing and captivating autobiographical account of the challenges and opportunities faced by Americas endangered middle class.

About the Author

Thomas Justin Bowes was born in North Philadelphia into a middle-class existence fraught with obstacles. By high school, he was already deeply entrenched in Philadelphias seedy underbelly. But with the help of a winning lottery ticket, an optimistic attitude, and a lot of luck, Bowes escaped the tumultuous trappings of North Philadelphias drug trade to become a successful registered nurse, creating a better life for himself and his family. Bowes now lives outside of Philadelphia with his wife Tami and his children Jared and Skylar.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 50