Michael Ward's Short Stories

By Michael Ward
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Michael Ward’s Short Stories contains entertaining short stories that are sure to keep you guessing what’s coming next. “My Lost Treasure”: A man spends his entire life searching for his imaginary treasure, only to lose his real treasure: his family. “Miscalculated”: A Couple’s planned vacation ends up being a nightmare, then when authorities come in they are not getting the help they need. And “Don’t Go to Sleep”: After a father is in an accident, every time he goes to sleep then awakens he is in the past, where he has a life. Enjoy this collection of tales!

About the Author

Michael Ward was born in Whitney, Texas, and has always lived there. He and his wife remodeled a 100-year-old building and converted it into a reception hall with six bedrooms and a commercial kitchen. They catered weddings and parties. They also own three healthcare businesses in town and built an assisted living facility. Michael also served on the Chamber of Commerce and serves on a board of directors for a cementery. He loves to travel with his lovely wife and spend time with their kids and grandchildren. He enjoys playing golf and likes to travel to different golf courses.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 86