Metanoia (Thomas)

By John Thomas
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“Someone is going to die today.”

Preacher visits a prisoner named Mike who seems uneasy. He asks Mike, “Oh my God, who?”

“No one knows. That’s what makes us all nervous. We all have enemies. A guy could be killed for almost any reason around here.”

“Mike, do me a favor, let Arrow know. I hope he is not in danger.”

“I will, Pastor, I will.”

Someone dies that day. Who is it, and why?

Life in prison can be dangerous, but daily, some will consider living in prison as living in hell. God’s not here and doesn’t care about me, many prisoners might think. But God hides in unusual places. A preacher makes a call to action, to save an evil man who has to choose between being saved or God’s judgment; Jesus and heaven or keep on the road to hell. Both places are real. God knows the human heart and can change it.

Metanoia means “to change your mind and heart.” People who are slaves to sin are prisoners within their own worlds. Let God speak to your heart in this book. Be willing to accept Jesus and the challenge of being a Christian today. Let God change your heart. Find the true you. This book can help set you free and show you the road to heaven. Your life is like this novel. How will it end?

About the Author

John Thomas is the pen name for an ordained minister who teaches and preaches in Texas. He has experience as a hospital chaplain and in prison ministry. Some have asked him to write about his experiences, and this novel is based on some. He is also a songwriter and a poet. John Thomas wants to save souls and encourage Christians to be true to themselves and to God. He takes “Repent and believe the Good News,” to heart. His wife of forty-one years recently passed away. He has four children and six grandchildren who bring him much joy.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 52