Mending A Shattered Heart

By Christy Cisson
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The once bright, happy, fun-loving Sky has shut herself off emotionally after suffering a profound heartbreak at the hands of a thoughtless werewolf.

Her best friends think attending the 500th birthday party of Vampire Prince Justin will free her from her shell, restoring her to the friend they know and love, but it does more than that.

The special weekend opens up a world and possibilities to Sky that she thought were no longer possible, and she soon sees her new future in the heavenly eyes of the Prince Justin. But there are sinister forces within and without the castle working against the couple. An old promise to a wicked vampire and an obsessed young woman who refused to see reason could destroy any chance Justin and Sky have of a happy life together. Mending a Shattered Heart is their story told against a lush backdrop of luxury, danger, and romance.

About the Author

Christy Cisson enjoys horseback riding, working on cars, spending time with her children, grandchildren, and traveling.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 268