Men Explain Religion To Me

By Mrs. Paul Owczarek
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Years ago author Mrs. Paul Owczarek attended Mass every Sunday and nearly all holidays for five years with her two children and nearly always put a check in the collection basket. She signed her children up for CCD and sacraments and made a point of waiting for the teacher and filled in when a teacher didn’t show. The moment she married her agnostic, Catholic-school-raised husband and convinced him to come to Mass, she became a non-entity to the Church. The contribution envelopes came addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Husband’s Name, so she wrote this book using the only name the Church recognizes. Mrs. Owczarek noted a grave disorientation and great confusion of many faithful regarding extremely important matters for the life of the Church. Men Explain Religion to Me was inspired by Pope Benedict and the actions of the Vatican, bishops, and clergy for the last eight years.

About the Author

Mrs. Owczarek is a 50+ year old engineer who grew up in the Bible Belt of the Midwest, and now dutifully protests against the blatant paganism displayed by the Church hierarchy and the ‘Christian’ Right clustered around the president. Growing up her hero was the character of Edith Bunker on All in the Family. Her hobbies include church choirs, reading, Bible Study, volunteering, science fiction/fantasy, and sewing. She is currently fleeing in terror from the Roman Catholic Church.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 202