Memories Of The Times

By Jewel L. Wilson
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Theres nothing like the power of prayer.

You may not get the answer when you want, but hell be there.
Hell hold on with his mighty hand,
Trying to help all who dwell upon this troubled land.
No matter how heavy your heart may feel,
Always continue to do Gods will. Trying to overcome the many problems in our society, like war, poverty, and crime, Jewel L. Wilson struggles but lets us know to keep our faith in God, for he will see us through. Memories of the Times opens our eyes to the wonders of this earth, like nature, God, and true love, and Ms. Wilson is our poetical outlet.

About the Author

Jewel L. Wilson was born in Tazewell, Virginia, on March 19, 1946. She is of Indian descent. She attended Montgomery Junior College, and her ambition is to become a well-know writer. She has been writing since she was twelve years of age. Ms. Wilson is the seventh of thirteen children, her father being a Baptist minister and her mother a devoted Christian. She has had many different careers, such as substitute teacher, retail clerk, full-figured model, supervisor, and administrative assistant. She is an avid arts and crafts person. Ms. Wilson says she is happiest when she is writing. Her earlier years were spent raising her four children.

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Published: 2008
Page Count: 32