Memories Of Nana

By Barbara Heydweiller Bull
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Memories of Nana

When Barbara Heydweiller Bulls girls were eleven and fourteen, they lost their father and Barbara wanted them to know his spirit would always be with them. She told her children that seeing a beautiful orange butterfly was a sign that Daddys spirit was with them. They love talking and laughing about the funny things he did.

The circle of life goes on, and our memories are most precious. Memories of Nana helps children who have lost a grandparent or friend to realize they will always have memories, and talking about them will bring them closer and not feel so sad.

About the Author

Barbara Heydweiller Bull grew up in Mineola, New York, and lived in Connecticut most of her married life. She is now retired and living with her wonderful, loving husband, Wally, in Naples, Florida.

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Published: 2017
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