Memories In Rhyme

By Patty (Carpenter) Greene
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A memoir in the form of poetry, Patty (Carpenter) Greene takes the reader on the long, winding road of her life, from childhood to the joys of being a great-grandmother. Through her faith in God and the love of her family, Greene writes lyrical masterpieces that confront lifes curveballs, including accomplishment, failure, loss, gain, and most importantly, the magnitude of love. Along with preaching the importance of family values, Memories in Rhyme includes the message of caring for others, whether they are family or complete strangers. Greene urges the reader to be aware of those around him and help ease any suffering whenever possible. Patty (Carpenter) Greenes message is clear: If we all work together, worldwide peace and nonviolent cooperation is obtainable, a hope Ms. Greene herself will carry in her heart always.

About the Author

Born and raised in Diana, West Virginia, Patty (Carpenter) Greene was forced to move to Ohio when employment became unavailable. Her homesickness became something she would never quite overcome. Coming from a tight-knit family with nine children, poverty welded a bond between them and taught them the value of sharing and responsibility. Along with solid family values, Ms. Greenes upbringing also taught her compassion for others, something she has carried with her throughout her life that inspired her to begin writing poetry. Ms. Greene is the mother of two children, the grandmother of five, and great-grandmother of five. Her hobbies and interests include sewing, crafts, reading, bingo, bowling, and spending time with her family.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 58