Memoirs Of A "Sports Widow"

By Lynne Wysocky
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Does your husband eat, sleep, and breathe sports any sports seemingly to the exclusion of all else? Do you have to plan your life around games, playoffs, World Series, tournaments, Super Bowls, and races? Well, sister, welcome to sports widowhood! Having lived this for years herself, Lynne Wysocky offers a tongue-in-cheek and humorous look at the world of the proverbial sports fan the one who clutches the remote in his hand, switching from channel to channel to get a glimpse of his beloved sports contests (football, baseball, tennis, hockey, golf, basketball the list is endless when you take into consideration college sports as well); who falls asleep to the sound of sports commentators murmuring in his ear; and who speeds from season to season, from ball park to stadium to hockey rink to court to watch and cheer for his team. There is a way to cope, as Lynne Wysocky shares in Memoirs of a Sports Widow, guaranteed to give you breathing space from the constant pace and frenetic activity of the dedicated sports fanatic. Her words of wisdom to sports widows everywhere are an invaluable tool for women of all ages who live with (or are contemplating living with) the man who loves sports almost as much as he loves you!

About the Author

Lynne Wysocky and her husband, Ron, reside in Chino, California, which she describes as a sporting utopia close to Dodger Stadium and the Staples Center, which is home to the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings. Just down the road is Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Arrowhead Pond home of the Ducks, Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia and the Rose Bowl in Pasadenaall within a forty-five-mile radius. Lynne retains her sanity by spending time with her son, Rich, and his wife, Christina. They live nearby with grandchildren, Sarah, Alexis, Taylor, Jacob, and Shelby. Daughter, Laurie, lives in Arizona, whom she visits very often.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 36