Melodic Poems Of Jesus

By Cary Jackson
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Melodic Poems of Jesus presents eighty-one poems of rhythm. In the authors words, these poems cultivate our minds, the author says, to Jesus, God the father, and the Holy Spirit. These joyous, heartfelt poems were written to take our minds off everyday life and to allow us to reminisce and meditate on His holy living word through thoughts of His truth, thoughts which reveal His power, His life, and His word.

About the Author

Cary Jackson, a native of Rochester, New York, now lives in Orlando. He is a self-employed photographer and landscaper as well as a writer, and active in the International Library of Photography. He has a Diploma in Bible Theology from Faith Christian University, Orlando, Florida. Cary Jackson says it was his attendance at Faith Christian University that most changed his life and prompted him to write this book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 108