Medium Voltage Switchgear Techniques, Applicability, And Maintenance Rudiments, A MUMU (Novice) Perspective Made Simple

By Engr. Eur Ing. Dr. Robinson Ehiorobo
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Medium Voltage Switchgear Techniques, Applicability, and Maintenance Rudiments, a MUMU (Novice) Perspective Made Simple: Volume 1 was written from Engr. Eur Ing. Dr. Robinson Ehiorobo’s thirty years of application experience in Low, Medium, and High-Voltage network in installation, commissioning, and investigation essentials. The aim is to support our next generation on how to burgeon MUMUISTICALLY in the mist of lack for sophisticated tools for competent work execution, and growth of Electrical Power relevance. It applies uses of rudimental mathematical dogma to accomplish the basic norms applicable in any part of the world to provide as a pass mark reckon apt for safe, efficient, and stable power supply. It is a compendium of documentation focused on ranges of low, medium, and high-voltage switchgear philosophical invention history, erection, and commissioning. Researches on solution for few installation failures inclusive, several indispensable theoretical application analyses done using scientific calculator assuming days without software, and simple computation techniques in a modern electrical power system on various voltage supplies with basic maintenance processes equally covered.

This is Volume 1, which has been written to facilitate scholars in the higher institutions, polytechnics, and universities, studying electrical power systems at diploma, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and application field engineers with in-depth simple MUMU, meaning novice ideology of Essentials of science, Safety requirement for installation, Transformer generic principle with maximum short circuit current determination method, Switchgears design principle with associated calculation method, including CT knee point and ALF, Fault level calculation on network using various methods, Importance of power factor correction on networks with savvies calculation, Generator invention history and fault lever determination, and numerous Feeder relaying selectivity coordination methods.

About the Author

Engr. Eur Ing. Dr. Robinson Ehiorobo can be described as a devotee and a mogul in the field of Electrical Engineering. He has been an experienced application engineering partisan for the past thirty years in electrical engineering, in utilization, protective relaying systems, and renewable energy. His industrial experience began in electrical installations in 1977 in Benin City Edo state, Nigeria. A part-time Engineering student of Kaduna Polytechnic Nigeria in 1984, he has a parallel first degree in Electrical Engineering from UK, having obtained the Graduateship award of City and Guilds; additionally, he has a post-graduate diploma and master’s degree in business administration from the University of Calabar, Nigeria; acquired the Mastership Certificate (MCGI) of City and Guild of London Institute and MSc degree (Cpd) in Electrical Power System from the University of Bath, United Kingdom; and similarly has obtained a certificate of Competence from Aston University, United Kingdom. Dr. Ehiorobo has been endorsed with two parallel distant learning Ph.D. degrees, one in general management from St. Clement University, the later Ph.D. from Atlantic International University, USA, on Renewable Energy.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 76