Mean Moon A'Risen

By H. Arnold Bruns, Ph.D
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Since its founding, America has seen a wide range of social battles founded on falsehoods,

misunderstandings, and paranoia driven ideas, all of which have tested and continue to test our

freedoms. This eye-opening account of today’s social and political climate by H. Arnold Bruns, Ph.D is a warning of the dangers we are in with respect to our democracy.

Readers are sure to find this account unique in it’s discussion of the past crises we have faced and how we survived them. Bruns aims to make all readers aware we all have a responsibility to save our government and banish the idea it is the source of our problems.

About the Author

H. Arnold Bruns, Ph.D is a retired Research Agronomist from the Federal Government and a Fellow ofhis Professional Study. Bruns is a Past Master and a 50-year Freemason as well as a 50-year 32 degreeScottish Rite Mason and a Shriner. He has always been interested in history and politics, and was veryactive in the Democratic Party before he became employed by the Federal Government.

Additionally, for the past 44 years, Bruns has been a licensed commercial pilot and has earned a B.S.,M.S., and PhD. From two former Big 8 Universities and has authored or co-authored 65 journal articlesand 5 invited book chapters in Agronomy.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 136