By Ben Hertel
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About the Book

“meadowdrama allows us to contemplate the Other in a non-threatening way, and even makes us see our own folly so that the onus of change is not just on them, but on ourselves. With meadowdrama Ben Hertel gives us what we need most right now: a good hearty laugh and hope for a future filled with fruity flowers and recalcitrant rocks.”

-Cara Murray is a writer and teacher who lives in Brooklyn, NY

”Ben Hertel's unique approach offers an affirmation of living in place. This is a timely story, a reminder of the possibility of staying right where we are, being together, finding our way in each present moment.”

-Kate Reavey is a poet whose most recent book is Too Small to Hold You (Pleasure Boat Studio, NYC)

”Ben Hertel’s meadowdrama, with its ironic humor and simple reflections, compels the reader to question one’s convictions about right and wrong, relationships, and control. The timeless and enduring rock who has seen it all and no longer dares to hope or imagine is fated to exist next to a single flower, providing stark contrast and thought-provoking insight.”

-Lisa McSweeney is a licensed mental health counselor with a private practice in Port Angeles, WA

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 108