Me, Why Not Me

By Sandra Arboine
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All through our entire lives, for each of us there is only so much suffering, pain, betrayal, and heartache we can take. And for those who went through such plight, not all could succeed in defeating such a dark side of life and changing circumstances, not everyone would want to, and not everyone would try.

In this book, Me, Why Not Me, you'll witness the life struggle of a young girl who went through a life of relative peace with her grandmother while she was little, in their faraway native land of Costa Rica, to a life of absolute heartache and pain as her life journey unfolds when she arrives and lives out her devastating experiences in the United States. What will her trails cost her from lack of many things we take for granted in our young lives? Will her challenges break her or will her faith in God guide her? Will she succumb to the dark and ugly side of her will journey or will she see the light and the purpose for the challenges that she would face in her journey?

About the Author

Sandra I. Arboine currently works in the medical field in New York, where she also resides. A native of Costa Rica, her personal experiences became her inspiration to write this book and four other as her journey continues and in hope of reaching out to others who share the same fate as hers, and her story and life journey will continue in book two.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 42