By Joseph P. Bartko
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The Real Management Style

MBI stands for:

Management by Ignorance

Management by Incompetence

Management by Incompetents

Management by Idiots

If you’re a bully who doesn’t know what’s going on, but can always blame someone else – congratulations, you’re a manager! MBI: The Real Management Style is a book that knows you’re perfect the way you are and there’s no reason to change just to improve quality of life for your employees. Instead, this book will help you master the MBI formula: ignorance + fear = success.

From establishing your superiority (preferably through humiliating others), how to run a meeting (inconvenience is key), to how to get ahead (always have a scapegoat), MBI will remind you there’s no limit to your power. By developing spies and keeping your employees more focused on kissing up than doing work, you will have the terrified and ineffective work force other managers can only dream about.

MBI: The Real Management Style is a wickedly sharp satire of office politics and failures. It’s best served with bad coffee and stale donuts.

About the Author

Joseph P Bartko is retired after spending a great fifty years in plastics-related technical companies. While he always worked better alone, he did have a few managers who were real professionals. He currently lives in Pennsylvania.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 60