Maxine The Miracle Cat Of Maxwell

By Jacque Johnston
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Maxine the Miracle Cat of Maxwell is the story of Maxine, a helpless, lonely kitten who finds her forever home when she is rescued during the Maxwell Elementary School carpool by a teacher. When Maxine is found, she is in bad shape and isn’t expected to survive. Through love and friendship, Maxine grows into a strong, beautiful, tortoiseshell cat against all odds.

About the Author

Jacque Johnston is a first-time author. She has had several career pathways, including being an international buyer for department stores, a general and special education teacher, and an adjunct professor.

Jacque has raised several cats throughout her life, but currently doesn’t own one due to living in an apartment, but she does enjoy hearing cat stories. This story of Maxine is so unusual, Jacque knew it was worth sharing with others who love cats.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 32