Mathilde And Cuthbert

By Susan Netteland
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About the Book

In the eighth century, arranged marriages were the norm between countries looking to develop profitable and friendly relations. Young and intelligent, Mathilde, a Danish princess, becomes a participant in such an arrangement when she agrees to marry the prince of Northumbrage, England. However, the heart cannot be told what to do and Mathilde quickly falls for Cuthbert, an ealdorman in service to the king, when he rescues her from certain drowning. What ensues is both comical and romantic as Mathilde and Cuthbert attempt to deny their feelings for one another and carry on as though they are nothing more than casual acquaintances. Successfully combining her love of history with a sly sense of humor, Susan Netteland presents a complete cast of supporting characters, a bit of subterfuge, and a realistic dose of life in the eighth century in this heartwarming and humorous tale of Mathilde and Cuthbert.

About the Author

Ms. Netteland resides in a small Northern California community near Sacramento. She enjoys reading, walking the banks of the beautiful American River, and global travel, especially to France where she likes to visit her daughter and family.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 110