Marvelous Maxx And The Bumblebee

By John and Catherine Higgins
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Marvelous Maxx and the Bumblee

After being stung by a bumblebee, Maxx realizes he is allergic and needs to see a doctor right away! What will happen when Maxx meets Doctor Z? Will Maxx be okay?

In the spirit of the popular Fancy Nancy series, Marvelous Maxx and the Bumblebee is an 800-word picture book for 4-8-year-olds. Marvelous Maxx offers a fresh twist: not only is it an adventure that builds vocabulary, but it teaches a little medicine and first aid, as well as helps allay the fear of doctors’ visits.
Maxx Merman, a 7-year-old with some medical smarts can help out and provide some first aid tips to young children! Come along with Maxx, Arielle, Ethan, Lucas, and Dr. Zhang, as they encounter many medical challenges, and overcome them.

John Higgins is a Harvard-trained Cardiologist who teaches medical students and students from pre-k to senior. He has been on television and radio 700 times and won the annual deans teaching award 8 times. His teaching experience has given him experience in the way children think and the stories they love to read. Catherine Higgins graduated from Peking University and is a successful trading analyst. They wrote Marvelous Maxx to help young boys grow their vocabulary and gain practical first aid skills.

For all those parents with boys who have been asking “Is there a boy’s version like the ‘Fancy Nancy’ books?” the resounding answer is now “YES!” Marvelous Maxx has stepped up to fill this gap and help entertain and educate.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 34

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Top of my nephew’s picture book list!

This book goes right to the top of my nephew’s list. Apart from the fantastic story, the vibrant illustrations, and the sense of fun and enjoyment demonstrated throughout the book, the theme of the story is positive and confidence-building. What's more, this book teaches vocabulary in a fun and memorable way because it's written right into the story, and I'm hoping this will encourage my nephew’s love of words. I'm so pleased that Maxx has a real-world experience with Doctor Z, giving an example for children that going to the Doctor is not all that bad, Maxx learns some important facts, and at the end of the doctor’s visit, he feels much better. I particularly love the double-page spreads of the backyard just after Maxx is bitten by the bumblebee as well as the spread inside the doctor’s office where Dr. Z is listening to Maxx’s chest with her stethoscope. This is a wonderful book and I only wish I could give it 6 stars because it's in a league of its own. Hope to see more Marvelous Maxx books soon.

John Higgins

Marvelous Maxx is an easy reader, for kids just learning to read on their own. It's short and simple with an educational message for kids.
A kid can read it, understand it, and take away some tips to live by on an everyday basis - something they do, on their own. It's not only great for a 4-8-year-old to learn new words but can broaden their life skills such as learning how to avoid getting stung by a bumblebee. Great book for preschool and young elementary-aged boys and girls who love adventures and are fascinated by science and medicine.

The vocabulary is amazing! And I love how they explain more complex 3-4 syllable words with 1-2 syllable words that the child knows already.  So this is perfect for both read together or independent reading by the child. Here are some examples:
'Excellent' means super-good; 'Gigantic' is a cool word for super-sized; 'Flail' is a marvelous way of saying wave wildly;  'Sprint' means run real fast! And all of this great vocabulary goes down smoothly wrapped in an adventure and marvelously detailed illustrations that will captivate young children!!! Superb book, my 5-year-old loves it.

I was so impressed I bought multiple copies to give to my friends who also have young kids aged 4-8 years old, and so far, they all love it too. Samuel Beckett said, "Words are the clothes that thoughts wear." Well, I want my 5-year-old daughter to be the 'best dressed' when it comes to word knowledge, and Marvelous Maxx is proving very valuable in this regard.  We can't wait for more Marvelous Maxx adventure books to arrive ;)


Wow!!! Not only did my 5-year old daughter enjoy this story - she especially loves Dr. Zhang and now wants to be a Doctor when she grows up - but she learned a bunch of new words e.g. gigantic: super-sized, flail: wave wildly, gorgeous: very pretty; and some medical facts e.g. Bumblebees get excited when you move. So if you hear one buzzing around, freeze like a statue. My daughter and I can't wait for the other Marvelous Maxx adventures to come out :)