Martial Advice For Training & Living: The Ua Way

By Randy B. Haskins
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It takes many years to develop martial skills, but a martial understanding is a different matter all together. Martial Advice for Training and Living serves as a guide for the reader to those basic universal principles inherently present in all styles which are observed through a pragmatic lens, regardless of the martial system studied.

About the Author

Randy B. Haskins has martial ties to Japan through his martial education, exploration, and research of Japanese and Okinawan martial arts. He served eight years in the Army National Guard, four years infantry, and four years military police. Haskins Sensei has worked in the human service/corrections field for the past twenty-nine years. He has dedicated the last 20+ years to assisting the Massachusetts Sheriff’s Association Defensive Tactics Cadre’ state wide to better understand the inner workings of the D.T. curriculum and how to properly teach it. Haskins Sensei heads his private dojo, and also teaches karate and self-defense courses at Springfield College.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 88