Married Not Buried: Volume One

By Robert and Colleen Hendricks
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About the Authors

Married Not Buried is an extremely helpful marriage guide written by Robert and Colleen Hendricks. This guide provides married couples with a biblical viewpoint on why marriage is so important and what to do if a couple feels their marriage is fading. There are many helpful chapters dealing with conflict resolution, lovemaking, communication, and much more. With so many marriages ending in divorce, working through issues as a couple is more important than ever.

Robert and Colleen lays out guiding principles that they have followed which has allowed them to have a blessed, long-lasting marriage.

Robert and Colleen Hendricks are natives of California. They are the proud parents of two sons, Adam (Dominique), Tyler, and one amazing granddaughter, Lyric.

Robert and Colleen Hendricks have provided spiritual insight/ counseling for couples before and after marriage for over 30 years. They are both YWCA Certified Sexual Assault Crisis Advocates.

Robert has been the Senior Pastor of New Testament Church for over 19 years. He is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work in 1983.

Robert, prior to becoming a full time Pastor, worked at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center as a Medical Social Worker and Hospice Chaplain for many years.

Robert Hendricks is the author of From a Cry to a Shout, Word Association Publishers. He is the Founder of the Non-Profit Organization Cry Heard Support, and with the tremendous support of Colleen as a Board member, the organization’s mission is to provide support and resources for those who have been victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and those desiring freedom from sex addiction.

Colleen retired from the Los Angeles Superior Court following 32 years of service. She is the co-author of "Princess Tada Celebrated Kwanzaa.” She also serves as a Life Coach.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 116