Mark Of The Phoenix

By Amy C. Swoboda
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Mark of the Phoenix: Ashes to Rebirth

Mark of the Phoenix: Ashes to Rebirth is really about continuing to press on even when things get as bad as they can be. Mara has dealt with just about every problem possible growing up, from an unsafe home environment as a kid to being assaulted as a young adult and even becoming a single teenage mother. But she continues to press on and never lets anything stop her.

Mark of the Phoenix also contains some views on issues in the real world that are oftentimes ignored or overlooked or have just been blown out of proportion, and so at least some people may read this and maybe agree and act on it in their own lives.

About the Author

Amy C. Swoboda listens to a lot of music and relaxes with video games sometimes, but her mind is always going. As somebody with an encyclopedia’s worth of health problems, it's important to her to keep going and always stay busy. She loves working with her hands and the thought of creating something is always a thrill she needs in life, so most of her job experience is in manufacturing and assembly work. But writing has always been her passion because to her, it's the ultimate form of expressing yourself in ways that can reset the boundaries of life in general.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 704