Maria, Maria

By Angelina
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In these reverent stories, Angelina recounts how faith in the intercession of the Holy Mother and her Son will help us confront the evil in this world. In Maria, Maria, the young Roberta is cursed with muteness, bringing a great hardship upon her family. One days she goes into the Maria, Maria Chapel, and as she recites the Maria, Maria, she begins to feel better. As her recitation continues, through the intercession of the Holy Mother, the curse is lifted. In Lady, we meet the talented and loved Beatrice, whose jealous sister, Doris, casts a spell on her, changing her into a dog. But this dog finds her place in society. She is taken in by the fire department and becomes a local hero. When the Catholic Church catches fire, Lady, guided by Jesus, rescues the priest. Father OReilly blesses Lady, and the curse is lifted. Beatrice is human. Angelina shows us that it is faith and the love of God and his gifts that in the end make us whole.

About the Author

A native of Athens, New York, Angelina is a homemaker in Catskills. She and her husband have one son, Dawson.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32