Marguarite's Memories

By Josanne Wilson
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A young girl, who has just graduated from college, returns home for her father’s funeral. During the reading of the will, she learns that she has inherited her great-grandmother’s house in a rural village. Nothing has been touched since her great-grandmother’s death.

While restoring the house, she meets the love of her life, and also finds out about the family she never knew. This mysterious, enchanting new romantic novel expresses the hope that readers will realize that life can often repeat itself, and that learning about our past can enrich our future.

About the Author

Josanne Wilson is married and has five grown children and one granddaughter. Marguarite’s Memories takes place in Sinclairville, New York, a beautiful quaint village near her hometown. She loves writing about places that are friendly and welcoming, and that she has a great interest in. She enjoys all kinds of craft making and reading.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 86