By Hannah M. Dillard
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Inspired by events in the author’s life, Hannah M. Dillard began drafting Mama as a Mother’s Day gift for her own mother in 2016. Though it is a collection of poems and short stories based on impressions left on Dillard by her own mother, Mama was written to celebrate mothers and mothers-to-be everywhere and highlight their ability to impact many lives in many different ways.

About the Author

 Hannah M. Dillard is an aspiring novelist and avid reader. When she isn’t sitting to write a book, she’s sitting to read one! Though a fan of many different genres, she’s found that historical fiction is her favorite to read and continues to read for inspiration.

In her spare time, Dillard enjoys visiting coffee shops (which are great places to people watch and write at the same time) and jogging to relax and de-stress. She also enjoys listening to Broadway musicals and often wishes her life could be narrated in song!

Published: 2017
Page Count: 98