Making It In Hollywood As A Make-Up Artist: The Memoirs Of Marie Carter

By Marie Carter
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Here is the story of a chosen child whose dreams and visions made her a woman of great faith. Yet, faced with trials and tribulations one after another, who could find a way out of what seemed to be a dark path?

Raised in a loving home in a simple East Texas town to the quickening and bright lights of Hollywoodthis was the life of Marie Carter.

If you want a career, you have to be willing to dedicate 100 percent of yourself to the task. No half stepping, no getting over, no riding in on the names of others, no excuses. Being black, but young and talented, Marie found life in Hollywood did have its drawbacks. At the time, Hollywood was embarking upon a new era of stars, political issues, technologyand African-Americans; Marie Carter was on the front line of it all.

About the Author

Aside from being a mother of four and two grandchildren, multiawarded and much recognized makeup artist Marie Carter is also an ordained evangelist. Her unyielding faith in her Maker is easily reflected in this memoir she has written of her journey from the cotton fields of the South and all its past to the glitter that surrounded her life in Hollywood.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 230