Make It Better: The Editor (X2)

By Dr. Michael J. Bernard DDS, MS
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This book is comprised of fifty-five short informational and motivational editorials Dr. Bernard wrote over nine years as the editor of a local dental magazine. In Make It Better, Dr. Bernard reinvigorates his original articles by commenting on them in the year 2020, bringing his current life-skill knowledge and new information to bear on past insights.

With humor and self-awareness, Dr. Bernard shares some of the principles that have helped him make his own life better and more spiritual. What he learned in a lifetime, the reader can learn through this collection of short, engaging articles.

Whether you read it straight through or pick and choose the articles that will help you most, Make It Better can help you do just that: make your life better.

About the Author

Dr. Michael J. Bernard DDS, MS retired in 2016 after practicing orthodontics for forty-five years. During those years, Dr. Bernard was active in the local dental society as President as well as editor for two periods of six to nine years.

Dr. Bernard enjoys writing and has also written a book that has not been published about the difference in raising two Generation X birth children (Chris and Marci) and two Generation Y adopted children (Allison and Matthew).

Dr. Bernard lives alone on a private lake in Canton, Ohio and teaches orthodontics at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. He is a biking enthusiast and travels several times a year in the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Bernard has been active in Al-Anon for forty-five years and has used the spiritual principles of the program in his writing to enhance his life and the lives of those who could benefit from the message and lifestyle.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 296