Make A Joyful Noise With Ms. Betty

By Ms. Betty
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Make a Joyful Noise with Ms. Betty

This is a journal written in a simple, straightforward manner about Ms. Betty and her walk with God and cancer. She tells us, When I heard the word biopsy, I immediately knew God had a job for me that I was ready to do. Die! No! I want to live. Live for Him let Him live through me!

Read how her valley became her mountaintop and walking hand-in-hand with her Dad (God) in control overcame her greatest fears and gave her peace beyond understanding.

Read the story of a womans walk with the Holy Spirit that will give you hope, guidance, and joy. It will show you just how much God loves us and will be there in a mighty way IF we allow Him to lead, guide and direct us through our trials.

Ms. Betty says, I pray that the Holy Spirit will let others see Jesus in me and that this journal will touch your heart and ease your mind when you go through the valleys and that they will become your mountaintops.

Let others see Jesus in you.

Keep telling the story.

Be faithful and true.

Let others see Jesus in you.

Have a blessed day.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 144