Maintenance, Repair, And Customization Of The Typical Ho Gauge Slot-Car

By   Phillip R. Morgan
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About the Book

Maintenance, Repair, and Customization of the Typical HO Gauge Slot-Car is a how-to book that the author Philip R. Morgan hopes will be useful to slot car enthusiasts. It is his way of passing on his practical knowledge of the subject gained from sixty odd years of slot car collecting and racing. While the book contains insights and tips concerning maintenance and repair, he feels the overriding theme is salvage-Mr. Morgan has witnessed the abject and unnecessary loss of equipment many times over in his years of attending to this hobby. The loss he saw was due to inexperience or ignorance of how to treat the equipment and get it back into working order. His extensive wealth of knowledge is helpful to any slot car enthusiasts, experienced or novice, and this book is full of handy photographs accompanied by detailed explanation.

About the Author

Mr. Morgan has been many things in his 75 years of life: a librarian, a super market clerk, an auto mechanic, a decompression chamber tech in the Air Force, a husband and a father. He attended college at South Carolina University which led to a job as Foreman at a micro-electronics plant. After being laid off at the plant, he changed careers to work at the New York Telephone Company testing and directing repairs to telephone circuits. After retiring following forty years of service, he has become an active tennis player with three grandkids. Between babysitting gigs, he has accomplished something he always wanted to do write this book.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 522