Magique: The Otherland Chronicles

By John Helgeson
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What is to become of two societies at odds, one ruled by magic, the other by chaos? The people of Magique believe their existence is perfect, but the Nons of Otherland have news for them: their rule is at an end.

For centuries the Nons have been exploited, mistreated, many tortured at the hands of the glamorous, lazy citizens of Magique. After all, the Nons have no value for they have no magic, but Magique is soon introduced to a Non who is also immune to the effects of magic, and their world begins to change at his declaration. This Non demands Magique return to the chaotic life of Otherland, a sentient region of the planet, a part of the planet that wants nothing but chaos, where life is indeterminate, uncertain, and destructive, just as Magique was in its early days. Eventually Otherland has to be controlled for the sake of the very planet’s existence, and when the true history of Magique is revealed, enemies must navigate beyond old beliefs and biases and unite to make hope possible and forge a new beginning for everyone. Come enjoy the vivid world of Magique: The Otherland Chronicles and join the journey.

About the Author

John Helgeson reads science fiction and fantasy and has been a Star Trek and Star Wars fan, but he is also a history and political science fan, as those were his fields in college. Helgeson has been involved in various groups and once served on a school board. He has three daughters and three sisters, which is no doubt why the main character is female.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 176