Made With Love

By Jenna Fikias
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Made with Love is a cookbook that shares recipes to bring people together. Everyone likes to enjoy a fantastic meal with good company and conversation. The recipes are easy to follow and straightforward, and everyone can put their own spin on the food with how they prepare and season it. This is the beauty of cooking — it brings out the creative side in everyone!

About the Author

Jenna Fikias is an elementary special education teacher. She loves collaborating and working with other professionals to help foster a positive, nurturing, and effective learning environment for all students. Every day is different and requires a variety of strategies. This is the same with cooking, another interest she is truly passionate about. Both interests require organization, creativity, and patience. Her love for cooking continues to develop as she experiments with different recipes. Seeing a smile on a student’s face when they first arrive to school is just as rewarding as seeing a smile on a family member’s face at the dinner table.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 104