Lucy The Ladybug

By Eli Heckler
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Lucy the Ladybug: Summer in Farmer’s Garden

In the patchwork lands known as Farmer's Fields, we find a little ladybug named Lucy. She lives and works in Farmer's garden, where all types of food and flowers grow. Lucy the Ladybug's tasks take her high and low among the vegetables and flowers. Throughout her day, she meets a community of other garden workers whose mutual efforts help the garden grow. One day, while chatting with her friend, Rudolph the Garden Gnome, Lucy meets a dazzling visitor from nearby Lazy Lake. Could Lucy be headed for another adventure? This children's book offers a glimpse into the world of gardening from the tiny perspective of a bug. Woven into the story are themes of community, personal accomplishment, and fun. The book also fosters themes of land stewardship and conservation. The creatures depicted are all essential to the overall health of the garden, no matter how we humans see them! All creatures have a role in Farmer's garden.

About the Author

Eli Heckler is an Indianapolis native now living in a small town in Michigan. With degrees in Environmental Design and Sculpture, Eli finds passion in drawing. Growing up in a home with a children's book illustrator, Eli has always been surrounded by whimsical characters. A pastoral childhood spent exploring nature gave Eli an eye for detail and a home garden grown free from chemicals inspired the world Eli weaves in this book about Lucy the Ladybug. Eli Heckler combines several passions in illustrating and crafting this children's tale.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32