Lucifer's Incorporation

By Eugene
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Everything begins with a small baby named Man

At a very young age, Man joins efforts with his goddess Truth to find the light they saw in the darkness of eternity. They find the light at Satans mountain. Man and Truth return to their mountain after they discover ten other Mountains. They make ten images of themselves and send them to the tops of the mountains to see them. They see through the eyes of their one-minded images: Plutos soil on his mountain and Saturns green vegetation, Neptunes sea-water, Mars water vapor, and Uranus oxygen. Man and Truth see a landscape through the eyes of their ten one-minded images on the ten mountains.

Man and Truth bring the gods and goddesses together and have them to combine their spirits together and form a landscape paradise.

Man and Truth discover how to create the gods spiritual nature physically from the cloud of unarranged atom particles that enveloped them and the 12 mountains. Man and Truth create an altar that lights up the entire area in which they dwell. It is made of Mans spirit made physical and some of Satans electricity, which causes it to radiate light. It is part of our human spirit.

About the Author

Born and raised in the United States, Eugene has always possessed an understanding of the spiritual world. Determined to spread his knowledge, he wrote Lucifers Incorporation to share with readers the origin of evil. Retired and living in Brooklyn, New York, Eugene now spends his time writing.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 48