Love's War

By M. R. Mace
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Set in small town 1960's Georgia, two teens fall in love despite criticism from school faculty and town residents. Among the top of their class, they and their friends have all accepted each other as friends regardless of differences. Nathaniel Swanson, Dhalia, and their friends have grown up together learning about each other. The two lovers suffer and grow through criticism, attacks, and emotional challenges along the way. Sticking together as they move away when he joins the military proves to be the most difficult part of their lives. The story is set in the racism of the South, and the civil rights movement. These two-stay strong together, with the Lord God in their lives, and face the hatred of others, including relatives. Their love, and the love of the Lord helps to change opinions of others as they refuse to give in to the pressures of others.Mace hopes readers will face their own emotions welling up inside their hearts, bringing out tears of joy and sorrow, as they relate to the feelings and emotions of these teens.

M. R. Mace is a Navy combat veteran living in northern Indiana with his wife, children, and grandchildren. Married since 2017, he and his wife regularly attend church, volunteering often in the community. He enjoys reading, writing, and working on the house.

Saved on February 10, 2020, Mace has been writing stories and poems while researching for a few biblical literary works ever since. His writing helps to give him peace, and a feeling of closeness with the Lord God.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 192