Loves And Consequences Including: Love Trip, The Charleston Charmer

By Blake Hughes
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Weaving hypnotic tales of period romance in which Love is the central character, author Blake Hughes muses on the vagaries of the human heart in search of the perfect relationship. Viewing a time gone by through a soft focus, Mr. Hughes deftly entangles his all-too-human protagonists in webs of unrequited love, misunderstood passion and misguided romantic intentions, alternately peeping into the hearts and souls of men and women alike. Ranging from pre-World War I New York City to contemporary Charleston, South Carolina, we find ourselves cheering on the erstwhile suitors as they stumble, bumble, and feel their way through the highs and lows of fates influence on their lives and loves. Joined together by the common theme of the questing heart, Loves and Consequences offers a new perspective on the amusing and tragic in human emotion.

About the Author

A native of New York City, Blake Hughes and his wife, Betty, now make their retirement home in Charleston, South Carolina. In his spare time, Mr. Hughes pursues his love of the arts, including architecture, oil painting, and writing.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 198