Lovers Of Greek Gods And Goddesses: And Some Other Love Stories From Greek Mythology

By Kresimir Banovac
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It’s no secret that almost all of the Greek gods and goddesses had lovers and unique stories that went along with the affairs. From Persephone and Hades to Zeus and Leda, Greek mythology is filled with wonderful stories of love. This book presents some of these stories as they attempted to explain the world as the ancient Greeks saw it.

Somebody long ago wrote, “Do not say these stories are too beautiful to be true. They are too beautiful not to be true.” Although some of these stories are over 2,000 years old, their grace and freshness make them as magnificent today as they were then.

About the Author

Kresimir Banovac is a retired physician and a university professor who nowadays plays golf and writes books. He has written several books for his six grandchildren to learn the history of the ancient and modern worlds. As a professional, he visited Greece and some years later returned to enjoy the beautiful country and the sights of the ancient civilization. Here, he fell in love with Greek mythology which is the inspiration for this book.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 120