Love Never Fails

By A. Van-De-Cruize
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About the Book

Love Never Fails is a love story. It uses multiple forms of expressive writing to describe how the process of falling in love can shape anyone. 

The book strives to re-create the main character’s experience of a falling in love through poetry, narratives, and prose; therefore, the most interesting aspect of this book is that it is not traditionally written.

Each poem, short narrative, and prose all serve to tell and or re-create a love story. This love story was written in hopes to help those reading understand that the reason moving on is so difficult is because love was never meant to die or feel. Thus, teaching yourself how to fall out of love or accept that this love was not for you, has never been easy for anyone. So instead of resenting the experience, or fighting the opportunity to fall again, learn to develop a newer and stronger sense of self love. Learn how to fall in love with yourself.

About the Author

A. Van-De-Cruize is currently a registered nurse, helping the nation beat a seemingly tough pandemic. Her hobbies are endless: she sings, dances, works out, and draws. Her passions will forever lie within the visual and performing arts.

Her family is tremendously dynamic with origins from all over the Caribbean. Her mother's side is Trinidadian and her father's side is Guyanese. She loves the culture that has been instilled in her as a result of her family's history. her most professional exposure to writing is her debut novel titled, Confident Sensuality. It’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and, Google Play.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 84