Love & Loyalty

By Josephine B. Pasquarello
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With the excitement, humor, and pathos of a novel, Josephine B. Pasquarello recounts growing up in 1950s and 60s Philadelphia in colorful detail. She paints the many characters of her neighborhood with clarity and passion. But the figure who stands out the most in this family saga is the matriarch of her clan, Romania Pasquarello, whose wisdom, tireless labor, compassion, and beauty carry the family through. The author recalls that back in that time there was a show called Queen for a Day, which enshrined everyday womenmothers and wivesin their true splendor, and she wishes that her mother could have been the heroine of an episode. In this wonderful memoir, Pasquarello has succeeded in not only making her mother Queen for a Daybut Queen for a Lifetime!

About the Author

Josephine B. Pasquarello is the tenth child of an immigrant Italian woman who is the subject of this book. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, living in the suburbs of Philly. She graduated from West Philly Catholic Girls High School in 1967. During her lifetime, Pasquarello worked in the restaurant business for twenty-five years. Later, she owned a house cleaning service and for thirteen years owned and operated a successful store in the Philadelphia area. In 2000, Pasquarello finally retired to devote time to her family. Her hobbies including traveling, working out, cooking the way she learned from her mother, and writing.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 312