Love And The Color Barrier

By J J Lemon
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Antonio Murphy is a basketball player and student who has to change schools when his dad is offered a better job in the suburbs. They move next door to a white family, and Antonio is instantly attracted to their daughter, Autumn, who is a cheerleader at her school and a lifeguard during the summer.

Even though Antonios mother forbids him from seeing Autumn, Antonio meets and talks with Autumn many times at midnight at the fence separating the two homes. Later, Autumns parents tell her she is not allowed to see Antonio because he is black. In fact, her parents are insisting she get back together with her ex-boyfriend, Sam, who has no respect for Autumn.

Love and the Color Barrier shows an example of a bittersweet love story between an interracial friendship and the obstacles the two must face.

About the Author

J J Lemon is an English major at Arkansas State University, and he enjoys writing, reading, and sports.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 114